Sunday, September 30, 2007

Building a Durer Grid: The Frame

Here are the pictures of what I have built so far. All I have left is the grid itself. This cost less than $6.00. You will need 2 sections of PVC pipe. I used 1/2 inch but you can use any thickness. These come in 10 foot sections. You will also need 4 PVC T's, 2 90 degree elbows and 4 end caps all in the same thickness as your pipe. These do not have to be glued together but you can if you want. Start by cutting the first pipe into 2 1/2 foot pieces, 4 of them. You can make the frame smaller or larger if you want, just cut these 4 pieces the desired dimensions. All other directions and measurements will remain the same. From the second piece of pipe you will need 4 nine inch pieces and 2 two inch pieces.

Next put one end cap on each of the 9 inch pieces. Then connect 2 nine inch pieces together with one on the T's.

Next add the two inch piece to the open end of the T and place the end of another T as shown in the picture to the other side of the 2 inch piece. These are the feet. Attach these two feet together with one of the long pieces of pipe. You should end up with something that looks like a stretched out "H".

Now you will use the 2 elbows and the remaining 3 long pieces of pipe and connect them all together as shown. Then take this piece and and put it into the open end of the T's that extend up from each foot.

There is your frame. I will come back in a bit and post the instructions for the grid.


Rick said...

Looks like you have had no response from anyone till me on how to build a Durer Grid. The explanation is clear and concise but it is too bad that you have not been able to tell how to put in the grid wires or cords. Did you use string, wire or even nylon or cotton cord? Also did you vary the size of the grid so that you could have a smaller grid? Did you know that a Polish artist has a piece of software that enables you to print copies of a digital photo with the grid overtop so you can use that to draw?

frogguruami said...

You're right, I am a slacker! :) I never got around to posting that part of the instructions. I used white 1/4inch ribbon. It was the easiest to see. We just secured it with masking tape.