Friday, September 28, 2007

A Recap of our week

Monday we attended co-op. This week was on alligators and the boys made a very cute pop up book. On Tuesday we made an impromptu trip to the zoo to see the alligators. They finished rebuilding the exhibit a few months ago but it has been too hot to go to the zoo. We were there pretty early and most of the animal were out and active so the boys got to see a lot more than usual.

We spent the rest of Tuesday and Wednesday finishing up our unit on Mesopotamia. The big hit of the day was learning about the invention of the wheel. The boys also made clay sculptures of make believe Mesopotamian gods. Kyllian sculpted a ladybug, of course. Evidently, if he was a Mesopotamian ruler everyone would have worshiped the Ladybug God! Not that that comes as a shock to anyone that knows him! LOL We started reading the "Epic of Gilgamesh" but no one was very interested in it and we decided to revisit it later.

Thursday brought the wrap-up of the series of co-ops on Tolerance. The Curriculum Trunk went back to the Holocaust Museum last week but we had one more week of activities. This week we read "Is There Really a Human Race" by Jamie Lee Curtis and talked about community service. Then we set off into the crafting paradise and made butterflies for the HMH Butterfly Project. All together, we made 70 butterflies for the exhibit.

Today we started our first book in the Florida Fun Books series of unit studies. We planned on reading two chapters in "Panther Glade" but only managed one because we were distracted by a very cool art site. Paul Hansen does some amazing stuff. The boys and I spent close to two hours on his website and YouTube site today. I even caved and signed up for YouTube so I could subscribe to his site. We were also supposed to finish up our unit on Canada today but Drake was inspired by Paul Hansen's stuff and decided to make art with all of the pencil erasers. I now have no erasers on any of the pencils but it was a cool art experience anyways! LOL

We don't have co-op on Monday so we will catch up on our Geography then.

Other things for the week...Kyllian is reading "The Poky Little Puppy" and Drake is reading "The Phantom Tollbooth". I am reading "Panther Glade" to them on Fridays and next week we will begin the "Burgess Animal Book" on Mondays. Archery is going well. Both of the boys are having fun and Drake is getting really good. I am going to try to take Drake shooting an extra day each week so we can work one on one.

Okay I think that is it. Well, all I can remember at least, LOL!!


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