Thursday, October 11, 2007

Bottle Carrier

Here is the Bottle Carrier I made today. It is done on the blue Knifty Knitter Loom using two strands of yarn.

1. Start with a "gather" cast on. Using the E-wrap, knit 6 rounds.

2. Take a loop off of every other peg and put it on the neighboring peg. (So the loop on peg 1 will be placed on peg 2 and the loop on peg three will be placed on peg four, etc.) You will now have two loops on every other peg.

3. E-wrap every other peg and knit off, knit ten rounds like this.

4. E-wrap every peg on the next round. Knit off the peg with two loops.

5. E-wrap every peg and knit off, knit 6 rounds.

6. Switch to flat panel knitting and E-wrap 5 pegs. You will only be working on these 5 pegs for the moment. Don't do anything to the rest of the loops for now. Continue using flat panel technique until the handle is as long as you want it. Remember it will stretch to twice it's length with a full bottle in it.

7. Slip the five loops of the handle off the pegs and side them onto the hook. Transfer the 5 loops to pegs on the opposite side. E-wrap those five pegs plus the remaining pegs in the direction you are wrapping and knit off. The difference in the row count is not noticeable.

8. Using a crochet hook, remove from the loom. Weave in the ends.


Anonymous said...

I like!!! GREAT job!!
smiles and positive energy Dee

Victoria said...

Ohh .. I love it! Are you on Ravelry?! We need more loom knitting patterns there.

frogguruami said...

No I have never heard of Ravelry. I will have to look into it!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic bottle carrier!Spectacular! Thank you for posting the pattern. This would be great to carry my water bottle at work.