Monday, October 29, 2007

Chainmail 101

The boys decided last week that they wanted to make chainmail for the Ren Fair this weekend.

First, the needed supplies... I used 16 gauge wire from Home Depot. It is sturdy enough to hold up to the abuse of my children but still pliable enough to bend relatively easily. I also got a new pair of wire snippers because all of ours were pretty dull!

Then I took a GIANT knitting needle and used that to make a "spring" with the wire. I knew there had to be a use for a 35mm knitting needle. I surely can't knit with it! LOL

Then I snipped off each round forming a whole lot of rings!!!

Using this website, I then began assembling the rings. It was difficult at first because nothing was very secure but once I finished a three inch strip or so it became far more manageable. After I was working with it for a while I hung it from my curtain rod so gravity could help instead of hinder! If I had done that from the beginning it might have been easier!

Of course my first thought was, "Wow, that would make an awesome curtain!" Because I need another hobby!!!

The boys have decided that they are no longer interested in making their own chainmail. They are also very grateful they did not live in the Middle Ages because chainmail is way too time consuming to make.

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UnschoolnMa said...

That is so cool! I agree it would make a great curtain. Stylish and edgy and homemade. :)