Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Spider Web Shawl

Here is my most recent project. I just finished it today. Actually I still need to add a button but other than that it is done. This is an adapted pattern from this one from KnitScene Magazine. I made the following changes...

1. On round one I increased the treble stitches in the ring from 8 to 10. Now that I am done I wish I had gone up to 12!

2. The pattern for the veil has 8 rounds. I did 25 rounds, increasing each round with the established pattern.

3. At the end of round 23 I added a loop of 6 chain stitches to use as a button hole. A button will be added to the beginning on round 23.

I am still looking for the perfect crocheted spider to add to it! I am planning on wearing it draped over one shoulder and buttoning under my opposite arm. Maybe tomorrow I will make one the the boys model it so you can see what I mean, LOL! I will be wearing it with my "confetti" witch hat (as Carey has named it!) and my eye ball skirt from last year.

This is the next project I am working on. I am using a slightly "fluffier" yarn and a slightly larger hook since I am slightly larger than the skinny model in the picture!!!! I am making this to wear to the Holiday Party for hubby's work. I'm not sure what I am wearing under it but that is a minor detail, right??


B&B said...

Very kewl! Since you knit, I thought i'd show you this website I just came across;


frogguruami said...

Actually, I crochet. I can't knit with needle to SAVE MY LIFE!!!!! LOL Those are very cute. I could convert that to crochet I am sure. Hmmmmm??!!