Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Rune Stones and Magic Wands

I just finished the rune stones and magic wands I am working on for the boys for Christmas. They will go in red and green bags I found at Ikea. All said and done, using paper, glue and paint I already had on hand, these cost me 8 dollars to make. The wands cost nothing. They are hot glue, paper and paint and I already had all those things on hand. The bags were 4 dollars (2 each) and the clay for the rune stones was 4 dollars and I still have some left over in case I come up with anything else to do with it!

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Heather D. said...

Those are beautiful. May I ask how you made them? Is it your own idea or from somewhere you read? My daughter has wanted to make her wand for some time now, but have no idea where to start. Mine I just found randomly on a nature walk.