Friday, April 25, 2008

All Decisions are FINAL!

Famous last words! Nevertheless, I have made my decision on curriculum next year.

Math – Math Mammoth - We will actually use a bunch of eclectic stuff but the main bulk of the curriculum will come from here.

Vocab – Wordly Wise

ReadingReading for Fluency

Spelling – Sequential Spelling

Grammar – Simply Grammar

Writing – Writing Strands

Science – Real Science 4 Kids

History – Cartoon Guide to the Universe - We are just continuing on through the summer into next year.

Art – Artistic Pursuits

Music – Nine Note Recorder Method

German – Rosetta Stone


Clane said...

Final, huh? Even three months from now? ;-)

-coming from the queen of fickle over here. I might have made decisions by Aug. Maybe.

AM said...

Totally FINAL! However, I do reserve the right to change my mind! LOL

Juno said...

Congrats on having next year planned. I might be there sometime next November the way I am

I just bought the Cartoon History of the Universe. My son loves it. Are you doing anything with it or just reading? I looked for a unit study based on the book but didn't find anything. I would love to tie it in with some activity.


AM said...

Whenever we get to a particular point of interest we plan a field trip, lapbook or some other project and go off on a rabbit trail. Nothing too formal. I am doubting you will be able to find a unit study on it since it is, technically, written for adults. but who knows?? Let me know if you find anything!