Saturday, April 5, 2008

And *enter name here* Makes Three...

We had the privilage of talking face to face with someone very knowledgable about hermit crabs today. We went over to Mount Dora and spoke with the lady from the Crabbage Patch. She helped us sort out some of my questions and even offered to take a look at the crabs we got from Petco and make sure they were healthy.

We picked up some new food, some shells and some climbing things. We also selected a third crab. She is yet unnamed. Yes, you read correctly. We actually know it is a she. I was able to check Jerry and as far as I can tell he is a she (oops). Tom, as usual, is not being cooperative.

The new crab and Jerry have been very active for the last 2 hours checking each other out. Tom is hiding with his nose in a corner as usual. The new crab is the one with the pretty shiny shell. She is not as colorful as Jerry though.

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