Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Garden

is looking less and less like a construction site. We are doing upside down gardening this year for some of our plants. Right now we have 4 kinds of tomatoes, 2 kinds of peppers and small white eggplants growing upside down. We have two more upside down planters (I might make one more) but I don't know what we will put in them right now. Maybe more tomatoes! I the tops of each planter I have planted herbs around the perimeter of the container and int he ones closest to the fence will have marigolds. I have been told that squirrels don't like marigolds so I am testing that theory. The raised bed will be for carrots, radishes and turnips.

We have made our upside down planters from recycled cat litter buckets that I found on freecycle.

Here is one of the tomato plants growing upside down. It is cool to watch the branches trying to grow towards the sun.

Here is part of the garden that still resembles a construction site. LOL We did get a new composter from Walmart. It isn't anything fancy but it will (hopefully) keep the dog out of it. You'd think the fence would do that. (But you would be wrong!)

Here is Drake watering our newly planted snap peas. (Well, that is what he is supposed to be watering!)

And here is Kyllian watering our newly planted cucs.


Summer Fae said...

I love your garden. It looks like so much fun.

How did you make your upside down planters? My kids keep seeing those commercials and I think that it would be a great addition to our garden this year.

AM said...

We just drilled a large hole in the bottom of the container and fed the plant through the hole. Then we just filled it with soil.