Sunday, May 25, 2008

Don't be so touchy!

So Subway is having a contest and homeschoolers are up in arms because the contest specifically excludes "homeschools". First all, this business about discrimination, that all these homeschoolers feel, really irritates me. Get over it!

I wonder if any of the overly sensitive complainers happened to notice that the prize is intended for the betterment of an institutional type school. Sure, the "actual" winner gets a personal prize, as do the runner-ups, but the BIG prize is $5000 worth of athletic equipment for the winner's school. The winner wins prizes for THEIR SCHOOL! I think it is completely acceptable to define who the eligible institutions are.

Are there actually homeschoolers out there that are so concerned about "fairness" that they would expect Subway to furnish their backyard with $5000 worth of play equipment?? IMO, It would be far more "unfair" to award $5000 worth of equipment to one family when the intention was to help out a entire school.

And for those that argue that they could put a stipulation that if a homeschool wins, the prize would go to the local school instead...well, that's just mean. "Well Johny, I know you won the grand prize and your story totally rocked but you aren't allowed to ever play with your prize because we are sending it to the local school which you don't attend. Sucks to be you! But you will make a great writer some day." I suppose it would be and excellent "Life is not fair lesson" for those who feel like their homeschooler was missing out on that part of public school!

Seriously people!

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