Thursday, August 28, 2008

Our Mission Statement

A recent thread on MDC asked us to write a mission statement for our homeschool. Here is what I came up with...

The Mission Statement of the Winding Paths Academy

I will strive to provide the following things for my children throughout our journey:
  • to facilitate an education where the ability to locate, understand and utilize needed information is a more important skill then the ability to regurgitate a bunch of facts and figures.
  • to facilitate an education that allows for the development of the skills and knowledge needed to be the adults they desire to be.
  • to facilitate the exploration and 'grok'ing of the wider world.
  • to not be bound to any specific method or educational ideal; instead, facilitating the achievement of these things in the manor in which is best for the individual child.
  • and most of all, to allow the freedom to develop and grow and be the person they are meant to be.
A few notes:

First, I used the word 'facilitate' deliberately. I have never seen myself as a teacher. Instead, I see myself as a facilitator to learning. It might be a minor distinction to some, but it is important to me. To me the word facilitator allows me the joy of joining them on their journey instead of "overseeing" it.

Second, 'grok' is a Heinlein reference. If you haven't read the book then what the heck is the matter with you!!! Go pick it up. Or ask to borrow it; I have 2 copies (at least!)

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