Thursday, August 21, 2008

Random Rants from our trip

other than the most obvious of course! :(

The ENTIRE state of Georgia is under construction.

Traffic in New York is a nightmare. (DUH)

My husband got a ticket! (I can't be too irritated though because if I was driving I probably would have been speeding also. However it now would have been cheaper for us to fly to Cape Cod instead of drive.)

It is a LOOONNNGGGG way to Cape Cod.

The roads up north are weird.

They are toll happy up there. I will never complain about the Lake Jessup toll plaza again.

I HATE bridges. This really is a phobia I should get over!

And the biggest rant of them all... Why do priests try to sell people on the kindness and justness of God while the father of three small children has just died for absolutely no reason? No reason what so ever yet this is somehow a kind and just act???? Okay, time to end this rant before it goes ugly! :)

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