Sunday, September 28, 2008

Don't assume I share your prejudices!!

One of my favorite bumperstickers!! (Of course if you have seen my fridge then you know I have a lot of favorites, LOL.)

I had the joy of dealing with one of those people we all love. You know, the one that assumes that because you homeschool you must be a militant right wing conservative! If you know me, I am just about as opposite as you can get. I do understand the stereotyping that goes with homeschooling. Even in 2008, half the people we run into assume we are Christian. (My husband's name is Kristian. Does that count? Of course, he is a militant atheist! And of course there is the S-word. But that deserves it's own post.)

Being that it is election time, the prejudicial emails are a-flying. Seriously, if I get one more Pro-Life, Anti-Gay Marriage, Traditional Family Value totin' e-mail I might just loose it!!! Actually I did, sort of, today. This one individual, who hopefully doesn't read my blog, is constantly sending me emails that, quite frankly, are offensive.

Today was the last straw; I politely asked to be removed from said person's address book so I would no longer receive any more of these e-mails. The response I received went something like this...."I thought you would like to be kept abreast of the threats to the very way of life people like you and me hold dear." (I have actually corrected for grammar!!)

Don't assume I share your prejudices!!

Just don't! Seriously, it will make things a whole lot less embarrassing for you at some point!!! The particular e-mail that prompted my request was related to gay marriage. How on Earth does legalizing gay marriage effect the 'very way of life I hold dear'? Can someone please explain to me how this works? I still don't get it!!

All because I am on a homeschooling e-mail list. Which, ironically enough, is a secular list??????????????????????????????????????????????????????

How much longer until the election is over???

FTR, I was very nice in my follow up e-mail but there was definitely no question as to where I stood on the subject!

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