Monday, September 29, 2008

Hello, My name is Ann-Marie....

...and I am addicted to PaperBackSwap.

It all started when someone on MDC mentioned free books. I had always been interested in books, so the thought of free books was very inviting. Then I had to part with some of my old books in order to get free books. But, still, parting with my old used up books to get some fresh new books was very difficult to resist.

Then I discovered book credits. I started just using a book credit occasionally, just when I needed something. Then I began using book credits more often, a couple times a week.

Then the books credits became too tempting but they gave me great comfort. I knew I could always rely on my book credits to fill that literary gap that Barnes N Noble had failed to. I bought book credits in large numbers and used them daily, sometimes two or three a day.

My mailman was the first to notice my problem. He expressed his concern for my growing book credit habit by mutilating the occasional book that didn't fit properly into my mailbox. My children were the next to notice. "Mommy, you got another book today. That will make one for everyday this week!!"

My name is Ann-Marie and it has been 9 hours and 14 minutes since I used a book credit!