Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Holy Unwelcomed Visitor Batman!

I had the most unusual visitor today. I am so glad I was not here alone (Thank you Laura and Wendy, sorry you were so uncomfortable, that make's three of us!). So who was it you ask?

MY MOTHER and her husband!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They were in the area and decided to stop by and say hi.

She can't pick up a phone and call me. She can't be bothered by her grand children. She can't trust in my ability to make decent decisions (because hers is so stellar!). She just can't.

BUT, she can show up on my door step unannounced. I suppose I should be grateful that she made the gesture. Lord knows it is more than she has done since Grandma died. (That was July of '05 for those of you that want to know how long it has been since she bothered.)

She did, of course get in the obligatory guilt trip. After all, it wouldn't be a visit from my mother if some sort of guilt trip wasn't involved. If you are curious of my crime, I never call her or come see her. Gee, ya think! I don't subject my children to people who are un-accepting of them. And she has never been accepting of me... Oh, she was sure to mention that my brother came to see her yesterday. I simply don't understand why she doesn't just continue to pretend the embarrassment doesn't exist. (that would be me, btw)

Did I mention that I redyed Kyllian's hair last night and it is spiked today?? :D I am sure that made it into the 'disapproving' column. Oh well, it has good company. I am happy to spend time with Kyllian's spiked hair any day!


Brooke said...

WOOT WOOT! Nothing like unwanted visits huh. Sorry you had to go through that today friend. HUGS!

Clane said...

Wish I had been there..ring side seats? You could have charged admission.

Doubt you get any more pop-in visits anytime soon.

AM said...

Lord, I hope not! I still can't figure out what she thought she was accomplishing. I don't know if she was trying to make a good gesture or if she was trying to rub it in my face that my brother is the better child. I am leaning toward the latter but I will admit to being biased.

Anonymous said...

So gotta ask...How's her hubby take it all? Does he run for the door? Pull her away? Or cheer her on?

I hate when people just pop in...Lol, you'd think my road, then secured gate, would give them the hint.

Next time, maybe pull out the video camera and tell her you'll be posting it on You tube for us all to share! (And vote on how big a bitch she is?)

AM said...

He stand idly by waiting for her commands, I think!! Jump. Okay, how high honey?