Sunday, September 14, 2008

Me Time

I have been making it a point lately to carve out some very specific "me time". I love my children with all my heart but having a bi-polar child can be very draining. In my constant search for balance, I have realized that I need to have a social life outside of my children. Something or somplace where I don't have to focus on them. Doing something I enjoy just because....

How many of you take the personal time you need? My guess is none of you, or at least very few of you!!

Those of you that say, "I don't have time." need to reexamine your priorities. I am sure there are a few people that can truly say they don't have time. But but for the vast majority of us, a lack of time to do something equates to a lack of making that thing a priority. Yes, I am saying that your priorities are out of whack!! Seriously, how can you be the main caregiver of your family if you can't be a caregiver of yourself. Pick a time every week. Let your family know. Make the arrangements and do something just for yourself.

My day has become Wednesdays. K knows he needs to be home early from work that day because I have something to do. I am starting Belly Dancing every other Wednesday and I have a meeting at church on the alternating Wednesdays. After that I go hang out with a few friends. I also take one Friday night a month for a drum circle and two Saturday nights a month, 2 hours each, for a drum class. It sounds like a lot to some people. It equates to 26 hours a month. The other 690ish hours in a month I spend with my children. Those 26 hours are mine.

I am not sure if K understands my need for "me time". He is a bit anti social and is happy with just hanging out in the garage or going over to a friend's house VERY occasionally. I need more time than that. I accept this and I make it happen. I am healthier, not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually because of it.

So what do you do for your "me time"? If you don't have "me time", what are you going to do about it??

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Clane said...

yeah, well, you know most of my "me" time as it is spent at the bookstore with you. Other than that, I have seen a movie with Brooke and I have my Wednesday night Bible study at church (sandwiched in between taking all the little people to their assorted classes and then prying them, tearfully, away from their friends).

Sad how we have to justify what time we do take for ourselves, isn't it?!