Monday, September 29, 2008

October's Reading

Well, August and September's reading list got a bit sidelined when I discovered a box of books I thought had been lost in my move from Arizona. Instead of reading the original list I have been flipping through these.

Now I have read all of these but it was forever and a day ago so it was really neat to read back through them.

On the list for October, is the rest of Jules Verne (as you can see by the bookmark, I didn't get very far), the rest of Mary Poppins, Redwall, Kingdom Keepers (all books I want Drake to read soon), the rest of Nourishing Wisdom (which is for church and not a bad book if you have screwed up views on food) and finally Stories and Stone (the only book in my secret box that I don't remember reading).


Clane said...

Have they been properly processed into librarything? Just checking!

AM said...

Of course they have!!

Clane said...

You're so good LOL!