Wednesday, September 24, 2008

PaperBackSwap Anonomous

Do they have such a thing?? If not maybe I should start one. I am a total junkie, man!! Just one more credit, I swear I can stop after that!!!!

I think my mail man hates me at this point. And he takes it out on my books. Perhaps I should put up a larger mailbox??? LOL I have received a book everyday for the last 3 weeks. Not that I am complaining but I can only imagine the 4 and 5 letter words that the mailman thinks as he is cramming yet another book in my mailbox.

By the way, my mailman is a wizard!! He can fit a book inside the mailbox that is bigger than the opening!!! It really is amazing!!! (And I wonder why the darn thing doesn't close right!!)


Clane said...

I'm still mad at PBS over the books I never received. A credit refund isn't the same--I wanted the BOOKS!

AM said...

I had a book lost this month too. But i figure as much as abuse it, one isn't so bad!! LOL