Monday, September 8, 2008

Pet Peeve Monday

Today's list is going to be very specific! LOL Aren't they all!

  • People who are devoid of compasion
  • Clothes that don't fit
  • My children's shoes (seriously, is it really that hard to just put them away!)
  • Dishes (I have been gone a HUGE chunk of this weekend. Between Friday and Sunday I ate at home twice. My kitchen looks like I just had a wild party!)
  • Dishes (I felt it deserved a second entry, lol.)
  • Running out of bookshelf space (I am almost maxed out and I have no idea where I can possibly fit another bookcase in my house!!! Perhaps this is a sign that I don't need anymore books? Nah...)
  • Demanding AND indecisive clients (Be one or the other, that I can handle, both at the same time is ANNOYING!)
  • The extreme lack of urgency on the part of South Seminole Hospital (Don't get sick in Longwood!!!)

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