Thursday, October 23, 2008

This month's featured cocktail...

There are days that I feel like we are spinning the Psychotropic Wheel of Pharmacology and just taking whatever we land on.

tck, tck, tck, tck, tck, tck....and you landed on Strattera! Is there 'peace and quiet' Pat?? Vanna please show us the 'peace and quiet'!
I did actually get some input into this month's cocktail (did I mention I like our new doctor?).

So we are phasing out the Depakote, increasing the Geodone and adding Strattera. Doc was going to add Tenex. Luckily I remembered before we left that Tenex was the med that gave Ky nonstop nose bleeds.

Pat, I'd like to spin again! tck, tck, tck, tck,
tck, tck....

So that means we are still on 3 meds, 4 if you count the Melatonin.

Doc was also very generous with the samples this month. Good thing since the Geodone and Strattera will run around $80 a month. That is on top of the other meds and co-pays! Which is fine if it works, but if it doesn't....

tck, tck, tck, tck, tck, tck....Ooooohhh sorry, you landed on bankrupt!!

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