Friday, October 10, 2008


My feeling that Kyllian was mis-labeled autistic was vindicated today. Our new therapist disagrees with the autism Dx. He is the first person that has dared to say, "Hey, maybe this isn't right!!".

Kyllian definitely has some tendencies toward autism, mostly relating to social behavior. However, those could be linked to his impulse control issues just as much as autism. Not to mention I have never been a social butterfly and K is still in his cocoon! (Is that a 'nature' or 'nurture' thing! LOL)

It was nice to not be talked down to or 'patted on the head' when I said I questioned the autism Dx.

At the momment we are back to a Dx of severe ADHD with tendencies toward ODD, OCD and SPD.

Just a couple more initials and we will have the whole alphabet covered!! LOL

I guess I can pull the '1 in 150' quote out of my sig line!

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