Tuesday, October 7, 2008

You know you're a homeschooler when... (What is this, Take 3??)

...your seven year old does his math by calculating what plates are needed on the barbell to reach the desired weight. (Since I only have 5 and 10 pound plates this can involve a lot of math!! LOL)

...you end your Sunday nature hikes by mounting slides and checking them out under the microscope instead of heading to the playground. (Yes, we are the geeks in the corner of Gemini with the microscope!)

...your 9 year old officially knows more about Greek mythology than you do and it is all from a video game. (Man there are some cool PC games out now!!! I foresee World of Warcraft making it's way into our house!)

...your 7 year old builds a working model to scale of a crossbow, complete with bolts and sight out of legos. (Dear Goddess, what will he break first!!!!)

...you have enough legos for your 7 year old to build a working model to scale of a crossbow, complete with bolts and sight.

...your 7 and 9 year old have a heated debate over which skill is more important, addition or multiplication. (They each had some interesting points.)

...your 7 year old points out that your decorative spiders that you just put up for Halloween are not anatomically correct.

...your 9 year old discovers MacGyver videos on YouTube and you threaten his life if he shows them to your 7 year old for fear of what said 7 year old might be inspired to disassemble. (NOOOOO Disassemble!!!!! Sorry, the reference was needed!! LOL)

...you are horrified to discover that you have misused your and you're in this ENTIRE series and none of your loyal readers were nice enough to point that out!!!!!! :P

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