Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Drum Shopping

No I didn't buy anything. I wanted to but I resisted!! After all I am going on 3 weeks with no drum so I am getting a little twitchy!!! LOL

The boys and I went out to Sam Ash so I could check out the Cajons. I think that is what I want for my birthday. It will serve not only as another drum (becasue I am obsessed!) but also as a drumming stool. I hate ordering drums online so I at least wanted to check out the different front plates before deciding. I am glad I did because the two I am looking at are different heights. The one that sounded better was a bit taller. With my long legs and large Djembe it will probably workout perfectly but it was taller than I expected.

We also got a chance to look at bongos for Drake. Drake was very particular about which one he liked the sound of best. It is probably best that I didn't let him try any of the really expensive ones! I was trying to talk him into a Remo becasue of the synthetic head but he was sold on an LP set. I have to admit, it did sound better than any of the others he played.

Kyllian fell in love with a steel drum. I am going to have to research those a bit more. It was a little pricey but it sounded pretty good, albeit a bit loud.

My djembe should be able to get it's final tuning tonight. I think Sean is afraid to touch it for fear it will split again!!! This is the third head he has put on it since the original head split!!! I have a feeling he will be raising his price after this!! LOL

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