Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Just one more week until the deadline!!!

*****Please pass this info on to any West Volusia Homeschooling families that you know!*****

This years theme for the Homeschool Display at the Deland Fall Festival of Art is Found Object Art Sculptures.

A quick review of the rules... The Deland Fall Festival of Art Youth Art Exhibit is open to K-12 students of LEGAL school age that reside in WEST Volusia County only. Please contact me if you need clarification of the boundaries of West Volusia County or legal school age requirements. Specific entry details are below.

Here are a few links to get your imagination going.

Things to consider when creating your entry:
1. Sculptures must be hung or displayed on small tables.

2. If at all possible, design your project to be hung. This will make displaying them easier!

3. Keep weight considerations in mind. If something is very heavy it will need to be displayed on a table and must be designed accordingly. Table space will be at a premium! Not to mention I have to carry all of these!!

4. Be sure to secure all of your pieces well. These will have to be transported, hung, judged and viewed for two days, taken down and then transported again. Please make sure everything is secured well. I will bring glue with me when I set things up just in case something comes off but I would prefer not to have to fix anything!!

5. All 3-D entries should be no larger than 12 inches by 12 inches by 12 inches. All 2-D entries should be no larger than 12 inches by 12 inches.

6. I MUST know no later than November 10th how many 3-D entries we will have. (I don't need the project by then, just need to know what to expect.)

7. A 3-D entry is defined as one that MUST sit on a table. A 2-D entry is defined as one that can be hung.

8. All entries must be into me no later than November 17th. My contact information is below. Call me to make arrangements for drop off or pick up. If you are a member of WVHSart then I will post where I will be the week before so you can meet up with me at community events if you would like.

9. Each entry must include the child's full name (only first will be displayed), age, grade level if they were in school, the name of the piece, parents name and contact information (contact information will not be displayed and is for my use only). Please put this info on a separate piece of paper, not on the entry itself.

10. Presentation is an important part of your entry so please take the display of your piece into account. If it is a 3-D piece, how will is sit, hang, stand, lean, etc? If it is a 2-D piece consider a background so the piece doesn't blend in with the display board.
As usual I am going to recommend a black background or mat for purposes of cohesiveness. (I will not be mounting entries this year as in the past, sorry! If you need to borrow mat cutting tools you are welcome to though.)

Please contact me if you have any further questions or to arrange drop off of your entry. My email is amseiler @ earthlink . net (remove spaces) and my phone number is 407-595-1094. Also please join our Yahoo group for future event planning. (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/WVHSart/)

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