Thursday, October 4, 2007

So what have you been up to this week?

Probably more than us! LOL

We had electrical work done on Monday so we had no power for much of the morning. SO that meant no computer, no lights and no copy machine. We goofed off mostly and started a few knitting projects. After the electrical work was done it was really nice and breezy outside so we went bike riding.

Tuesday was equally productive. Just as we were sitting down to start school work I got a phone call reminding me of PennySavers. Not that I had forgotten! The man who runs the route never called me to tell me I was doing it. :0 It was no problem. I wanted to do it, it just took me by surprise! So we spent the afternoon dropping PennySavers in Seminole County.

Yesterday, Carey took me, by force I might add (LOLOLOL), to the bookstore. After we were done with that we picked up Alex and Mandy and had a playdate. No school work done yet!

Today we had co-op so at least something educational was done today. I have the boys math and logic printed out but I don't know if we will get to them!

Tomorrow we have hope for a productive day. The first of three art days is tomorrow afternoon and hopefully a bunch of people will show up to work on art projects for the Fall Festival of the Arts!!

So that's our week so far. I think we need to start taking the first week in the month off instead of the last. The same thing happened during the first week of last month as well.

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