Monday, October 1, 2007

Spring to Spring Trail

We went bike riding today.

I got a new bike yesterday. I was just going to buy new tires and seat for my old one but it ended up costing as much as a new bike. So I got a new bike instead. Which probably worked out better since the old one will likely need more than tires and a seat seeing as it has been sitting outside playing chew toy to the dog for a year!

So to celebrate we went down to Gemini Springs to check out the new trail. I don't think it is considered new anymore but it is the first time we have been down there.

It is a REALLY nice trail, fairly level and FULLY paved. It has a few hiking trails shooting off from it in a few places for later exploration. The whole thing is not shaded but the distances between shaded areas wasn't bad. From what I can tell it will ultimately connect Blue Springs with Lake Monroe. Right now you can go from the Debary Mansion to Lake Monroe, 4.1 miles.

The section of the trail we rode, the dirt lot at Gemini to Lake Monroe, is 2.4 miles long as far as I can tell. So we rode almost 5 miles today. At the end of the trail at Lake Monroe we could look through the trees and see the construction on I-4 near the zoo. The boys were very impressed by that.

Everyone was nice a tired by the end of the trip. Kyllian had problems riding that last 1/2 miles but he did it and was quite pleased with himself (We let him pass the "finish line" first).

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celtain said...

Rock on, that sounds like fun!!!