Monday, August 18, 2008

DC is totally messed up!!!

DH and I had to make a trip up north unexpectedly so we set out Sunday evening, after dropping the children and the dogs with their respective keepers, for Massachusetts.

Twelve hours into our trip we found ourselves in Washington DC. We decided to take a couple of hours and get out and walk around. Both of us were feeling the twelve plus hours in my, not so comfortable, economy car!!!

The roads and drivers in DC are completely and totally messed up. I thought the roads in Florida made no sense!! We can't even hold a candle to the total confusion that is DC. And if the wacky street layout isn't bad enough, the people there do not care about other cars or the lines in the roads. Evidently the white ones are mere suggestions!! It was total chaos. And I have never been in a place that had so many stop lights. It took us an hour and a half to find our way out of there. K was quick to point out that we really didn't find our way out. We simply stumbled on the right freeway our of shear luck!

OK, rant over! We did get an hour or so to walk around the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. I took a bunch of pictures but I will have to post them later. Crappy laptop and crappy wireless connection does not make a good environment for uploading pics. I also have a new frog to add to my collection!

Right now we are in New Jersey and will finish the last 6 hours of the trip in the morning.

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