Saturday, August 16, 2008

You know you're a homeschooler when...

This thread was just started on MDC and there are some really great responses.

Here were mine... have quill pen and vile of india ink in your pen cup. have a chicken mummy on display. can't eat dinner at your dinning room table because you don't want to disturb the science experiment. have a jar with eggs from a mystery bug on the kitchen counter. have a microscope in the kitchen and the slide making supplies have a home in the spice rack. have a curtain of homemade chain mail from your medieval study last year. have more computers than people but still seem to fight over them. calculate the cost of the bookcase into your book purchases because you know you are out of room in the bookcases you have already. have the supplies of a scrapbooking goddess but that is the last thing you would consider using them for. Your lapbooks take precedence of those silly family photos!! LOL

Here are some of the one's that other people posted but also pertain to us...

...your librarians not only know you and your family by name, but you have your own shelf for reserves.

...getting your rainbow resource order is better than christmas. (I'm actually not a big Rainbow Resource fan. So let's replace RR with Amazon. I know it is unnatural for a HSer to not like RR but I never was normal! LOL)

...I wake up in the morning late. ( I am SOOOO not a morning person. Maybe if I went to bed earlier...hmmm... no that can't be it. ;) )

Okay, feel free to add to my list!

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