Monday, September 1, 2008


Perspective is the word of the week this week!

I have always been a believer in your perspective in a situation being a great indicator of how that situation will pan out. Negative perspective leads to negative actions based on your emotions. (Because, remember, no emotion is good or bad. Only your actions in response an emotion can be good or bad.) If you go into a situation thinking it is going to royally suck....guess what, it probably will.

I have to admit that my perspective the last few weeks has been pretty negative. Since I am rarely a negative person it has really taken it's toll. On more than one occasion I have woken up thinking, "Man, Kyllian is going to be so difficult today. We have such a busy day planned." You guessed it, he was difficult. More difficult than I would have even expected. Has it just been a rough week all around, or did my negative perspective predetermine our miserable day? Who knows? But what I do know is that I have control over my perspective. I have the power to change how I approach a situation.

Bound by routine = Attention to detail
Obstinate = Determined
Argumentative = Persistent in explaining his point of view
Difficulty transitioning = Follows an activity to the end

Amazing the difference, huh? The former are enough to make you beat you head against the wall. The later would be excellent traits to list on a job application. Yet, they are the same thing!

So this week, I will make an exaggerated effort to catch myself every time I start to have a negative perspective on a situation. Feel free to call me on it if I don't notice.

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