Thursday, September 4, 2008

My tattoo artist has gone missing!

I am so upset. Dorothy, where are you!!! LOL

I have had the same person work on my back all three times. I did it on purpose because the design is so simple that I didn't want the nuances in different peoples technique to show up.

But Dorothy has abandoned me! I guess my change in direction with the design is meant to be. (You know, if you listen the universe is easy to hear!)

Now, I am hoping to be able to get Tom DePriest to do the rest of it. If you haven't already, you must check out his website. Eileen and I both have work from him. His work is by far the best tattoo I have (sorry Dorothy, where ever you are!) and he has the most gentle touch of any tattoo artist that has worked on me. His work is brilliant! AND, he will be in Jacksonville next weekend. There is no way K will have his design done in time but I think I am going to try to head up there.

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